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*Note : Due to venue size and restrictions, the EV Evolve 50 system displayed may differ in configuration at event.


Presentation and sound quality matters. Our sound system is compact, clean, unobtrusive and will blend in well with any style of wedding venue.


Most DJ websites don't offer much information on their sound systems and the truth is producing high-quality sound is the lifeblood of the DJ business. I’m not an audiophile, but most people assume all DJs use the same high-quality speakers, subwoofers, DJ controllers, microphones and carry the same music libraries and trust me... we don't. The Electro-Voice (EV) Evolve 50 speaker systems are used by few professional DJs today because most will not make the investment. The average wedding DJ uses two standard powered speakers without a subwoofer and this configuration cannot provide sufficient sound coverage for medium to large weddings. If a DJ uses this minimal speaker configuration and depending on varying factors (number of guests, room acoustics and certain types of music, etc.), they often come up short on power and will push their speakers beyond their limitations and the sound quality is extremely poor. 

The Electro‑Voice Evolve 50 is the perfect choice for weddings. Understated, compact and sounds awesome, period. This column array sound system takes mobile sound to the next level. Legendary EV audio sound produced via eight, 3.5‑inch full‑range neodymium drivers and two 12‑inch subwoofers. Crisp, clear highs and mids and fill out the low end with the powerful punch of rich bass. The EV Evolve 50 will fill any room with high fidelity sound and clarity from front to back. All music selections are played from the Denon MC6000MK2 media controller, configured with Dell laptops and Virtual DJ, the industry leader in professional mixing software.

​If you have a question about my sound system or for availability and bookings, please call or send a text to 781-837-2989 or send an email to

​Thank you,


Gregg MacDonald

Cape Cod Wedding DJs

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