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  • Is set-up time included in your price?
    Yes. Set-up is done prior to your contracted start time. I typically arrive one hour prior to your scheduled start time, set up my sound system and perform a soundcheck. Breakdown is generally 20 minutes.
  • Do you take breaks?
    No. My services are non-stop from your contracted start time until the conclusion of your reception.
  • Can we choose the music to be played at our wedding?
    Yes. I suggest you provide me with a request list of 10-15 "must play" songs and 10-15 "play if possible" songs. This will leave plenty of room for requests and DJ selections. I can read the crowd and I know what songs work and won't work by evaluating crowd response and the age demographic of your guests. It's not in your best interest to select every song. If you insist on programming the entire evening of music, I'm not the DJ for you.
  • Do you take requests?
    Yes. I will play requests as long as they can be implemented into the current flow of the wedding and the request is "wedding appropriate". I'm not going to play Cardi B during dinner just because someone asks for it. If given a suitable request, I will make every effort to play it.
  • Can we have a "Do Not Play" list?
    Yes. I highly recommend you create a Do Not Play list. I understand you don't want to hear many of the overplayed wedding songs or certain genres. We can certainly avoid them. If a guest requests a song that is on your Do Not Play list, it will not be played.
  • What types of music do you have?
    I carry 75,000+ songs of many genres such as this week's Top 40, Oldies, Motown, Easy Listening, Disco, Country, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, 80's Rock, Hip Hop, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, R & B, etc. I obtain new music every week through a professional media service that is exclusive to radio stations and DJs. These compilations contain projected radio hits 2-3 months before these songs are played on Boston radio stations.
  • We want to feature a very specific genre of music at our wedding. Can you provide an entire evening of one type of music?
    Disclaimer: If you are interested in an event of one particular mix entirely of Latin, Greek, Christian Contemporary, Irish, Jazz, Techno or EDM, do not book me. These genres are not my wheelhouse and there are DJs in Massachusetts who specialize in these types of music. I'll be the first to admit that I am not one of them as I never had a demand to know or carry these genres. Ex : If you want an entire night of various types of Latin music, book a Latin DJ. My strength as a wedding DJ is playing a mix of mainstream American radio pop/rock standards from the 1950’s to this week’s Top 40. I'm not going to claim to know every genre of music just to book a wedding.
  • My wedding is at an outdoor venue. Do you require Wi-Fi?
    No, I do not require Wi-Fi or stream audio. All music played is in MP3 format, downloaded and stored on SSD external hard drives. No internet needed.
  • Do you have professional equipment?
    Yes. My sound system is clean, well maintained and consists of top-of-the-line digital audio products from the most trusted names in DJ business. I use a Denon MC6000MK2 DJ Controller, Shure wireless microphones and the EV Evolve 50 Systems.
  • Do you have back-up equipment?
    Yes. My primary sound system is tested weekly and highly maintained to insure optimum performance. I've never had to delay or cancel an event due to a system problem. I carry a backup sound system with backup laptops and external hard drives in case of a technical issue.
  • Do you have a wireless microphone for a speech or toast?
    Yes. I carry two Shure microphones, one SLXD24/58 wireless microphone, one SM58 wired mic. These microphones are for speeches and toasts only. All toasts and speeches must be pre-approved and I will not hand a microphone to a guest who suddenly decides to take it upon themselves to make an impromptu speech because these never end well. Overzealous, (often) intoxicated guests ramble, use profanity and make off-color remarks and it's embarrassing for everyone. My speech and toast policy will prevent this from occurring.
  • Do you offer a written contract?
    Yes. My contract is straight-forward so you can easily understand the terms. Your signed contract and deposit officially reserves your date. A binding contract not only protects you, but it offers you peace of mind that you have hired a professional. I have booked last minute weddings from hysterical brides whose DJ either disappeared off the face of the earth or booked another job. In every instance, they didn't have a written contract with their DJ. Do not hire any wedding vendor who does not offer a written contract
  • What is the deposit to reserve the date of my wedding and when is the final payment due?
    I require a $500 non-refundable retainer and a signed contract returned within 7 days to reserve your requested date. The remaining balance is due fourteen (14) days before your wedding date. There is a $50 fee for checks returned for insufficient funds for any reason. Note : I do not accept Venmo or credit cards.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    o Cancellation for any reason forfeits the deposit, no exceptions. o Cancellation within 120 days of date requires 50% of the balance. o Cancellation within 30 days of date requires full payment of the balance. o Cancellation due to inclement weather must be received no later than 12pm on your wedding date. Your deposit (non-transferable) may be applied to a future wedding booking one (1) calendar year from your contracted wedding date. o 2023-2024 : Postponement due to COVID-19 or similar variant due to venue restrictions is allowed up to one (1) calendar year from your contracted wedding date.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes. I have a general liability insurance policy with Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, certificate of insurance furnished upon request in person. Providing proof of insurance has become a common practice and it may be required with select hotels and venues. While it's not currently required, you should only consider booking a DJ who is insured. In fact, asking a DJ if they are insured is a simple question that will determined how dedicated and professional they are. Budget/amateur DJs most likely obtained their music library by buying a hard drive of poor-quality pirated music from Craigslist or eBay to cut start-up costs and don't put money back into their product. If they don't reinvest back into the business, they certainly aren't going to obtain liability insurance. If you book a DJ without liability insurance and a guest injures themselves due to DJ negligence, you could be liable and they may be refused entry to your venue. It's not worth the risk. Hire an insured DJ.
  • If I book you, will I get you?
    Yes. When you book services with Cape Cod Wedding DJs, Gregg MacDonald is your DJ and I do not subcontract bookings. (Warning : Bait and switch is common with multi-system DJ companies). If I receive an inquiry for a date I have already booked, I respectfully decline the lead and will offer a referral to a professional DJ company in my business network.
  • What backup resources do you have if you suddenly become ill and cannot perform at our wedding?
    In the unlikely event of an illness, physical injury or personal emergency, I have DJ associates that would be able to cover my booking. I have never been late or missed a function, ever.
  • Can we see you perform at an upcoming wedding?
    I do not invite prospective clients to weddings I am performing at out of respect for all clients to keep their wedding private. Weddings are a formal event and very close attention is paid to the guest list and I'm sure you would not want uninvited guests at your wedding. Since the release of the 2005 hit movie Wedding Crashers, there's a popular trend of uninvited guests crashing weddings. Here is a great article from the Boston Globe on the subject of wedding crashers. This article is the perfect example why I do not invite clients to observe my services firsthand. It's unprofessional to conduct prospective business on someone else's dime.
  • Do you have references?
    I no longer maintain a reference list from past weddings as it was very difficult to keep current as years go by, email addresses and phone numbers change and people get divorced and don't want to be contacted. I have a page with WeddingWire reviews and past wedding testimonials posted here.
  • Do you offer uplighting, lighting or special effects?
    No. I do not offer lighting, disco balls, fog machines, etc. In my opinion, a huge truss of lights is unattractive and I believe lights/special effects are more appropriate for general functions and nightclubs. Your wedding is a formal event and beat-activated, flashing lights are more distracting than entertaining. Please note : I have discontinued offering uplighting in 2017 as many wedding venues now have offer uplighting as an add-on option (sometimes free) or have a preferred lighting vendor.
  • Are you an interactive DJ? Do you offer props, trivia or any other entertainment?
    No. I don't dance around or perform cheesy routines. I don't yell over the music or dress your guests in cheap costumes and parade them around the room. The prop concept has been done to death and I keep this style of entertainment as far away from my reputation as possible. If you're looking for games, silly hats, wigs, props and constant interaction, please don’t book me.
  • What attire will you wear at my wedding?
    I do not wear a tuxedo as I am not in the wedding party. When it's a more formal wedding, my wedding attire is a pressed dark suit. For summer and outdoor weddings, I wear a sportcoat, tie and khakis.
  • What are your requirements that I need to inform my wedding coordinator or function manager prior to my wedding?
    I require one sturdy, 6-8 foot, rectangular, banquet-style table with skirting located near the dance floor and within 25 feet of a grounded 120 volt, 20 amp power source in good working order. I also require a minimum of 8' of overhead clearance to mount my speaker system as Evolve 50 loudspeakers stand just over 7 feet.
  • I'm getting married at my wedding venue. Can you provide music for the ceremony?
    My sound system is available for your ceremony for an additional fee of $300 (as it requires a second system setup). Please note : I do not provide lavalier microphones for the officiant. I will allow the officiant and readers to use my wireless microphone. After the ceremony has ended, I will break down and set up in the reception room immediately.
  • Do you hang banners or signs telling everyone who you are?
    Absolutely not. I do not display or promote my business name with any signs, banners or any promotional materials. If someone is interested in my services after observing my performance, they don't need a sales pitch, they need a business card.
  • Is tipping expected?
    By no means is gratuity ever expected and you'll never see a tip jar on my table. If you feel I have surpassed your expectations and wanted to offer me a gratuity, I would accept it as the utmost compliment.
  • Should we feed the DJ?
    Unlike most vendors who require a meal as part of their services, we do not. While we greatly appreciate the kind gesture, we prefer to keep the music going.
  • Is overtime available?
    After the contracted time has expired, overtime is available (with consent of reception venue). Your overtime rate is listed in the price clause of your contract. Overtime is available in 30 minute increments and must be requested one hour prior to the conclusion of your event.
  • Are there any other fees applicable to your services?
    No. My services do not have hidden fees. However, additional fees are applicable and noted on the contract if your place of reception : (a) *is located on Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard (vehicle ferry service required) (b) *Sound support for your onsite ceremony (c) *Sound for your cocktail hour outside your reception room (2nd system setup) (d) *is held in an upstairs facility without elevator access and/or difficult set-ups (e) *Weddings held on Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard that end after the last ferry leaves the island for the evening, one night's hotel accommodations is required (f) *requires paid parking Please inquire for pricing.
  • What are your rates and are they negotiable?
    I do not post pricing online as every wedding is different. Please contact me for a price quote. I do not match competitor prices because most DJs cannot deliver the quality of service I can. There's a misconception that a DJ shows up, plays a few hours of music and goes home. I wish it were that easy, but it's much more work than it seems. I will exchange emails/phone calls to your wedding coordinator regarding introductions and music, creating a timeline for your reception and purchasing requested music. This work is all prior to your wedding, prior to my actual performance. In addition to preparation and performance, there are many expenses that are not directly associated with your wedding that I need to account for. System maintenance and upgrades, auto and liability insurance, gas, website domain and hosting fees, phone bills, internet service, office supplies, postage, advertising, music subscriptions, etc. The cost of doing business as a reputable DJ company is always overlooked when people are price shopping. I recognize the importance of this day and I take every wedding very seriously. This business isn't a hobby to me unlike the hacks who dabble on the weekends with little to no wedding experience. My service (sales, event preparation and performance) is one of the best on the Cape and my experience, overall ability and easygoing personality is why I am one of the most requested DJs on the Cape. Gregg MacDonald Cape Cod Wedding DJs
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