It’s no secret why the locals and brides and grooms from all over the country choose the Cape for their wedding. It's the beautiful weather and laid-back attitude that gives this special day a relaxed, elegant flair. Since you've chosen the perfect location and been carefully planning every detail, it's time to think about music.

I perform every wedding with a simple approach where less is more meets upbeat and fun! I'm not an entertainer. I don't use props, lead line dances or mingle with your guests like a lounge singer. Personally, I'm not a fan of this style of entertainment and I keep this style as far away from my reputation as possible. Weddings today do not require a high level of interaction or forced crowd participation as a good mix is a natural motivator. No flashing lights, no fog machines, no cheesy presentation. We know when to put the mic down and when to turn the music up and where we truly shine is packing the dance floor without stealing the spotlight. This is what the people want and what we bring to every wedding.